Would you like to........

 let go of unwanted and limiting beliefs for good?
 achieve your goals and not be ruled by "ifs and buts"?
 be the master of your own feelings?
 feel connected to everything and everyone?
 experience what it feels like to be absolutely free?
 connect with your true self?
 live your dreams?

Avatar is what you are looking for!

What is Avatar?

Avatar is a gentle non-confrontational adventure in self-discovery. It is a series of experiential excercises designed to unlock the knowledge already contained in your consciousness. You are guided through a number of exercises and steps which reveal yourself to yourself.

There is nothing you have to believe. Nobody is going to judge you, tell you who you are or how it is. Avatar does not have a belief system to which you must conform. Avatar is simply a technology which people adapt to their individual circumstances and goals. Avatar is about the integration of belief systems, not the conversion to a belief system.

Although Avatar is a voyage of self-discovery, it is not a way of escaping from the world. You do not have to become a hermit and meditate in a cave, quite the opposite. Avatar gives you the tools to operate successfully in the world and interact better with others.

How does Avatar differ from other self-development courses?

Avatar goes beyond mind power training, beyond positive thinking into a practical level of understanding and empowerment not offered by any other training method. The technology of Avatar allows you to take full responsibility for what you are creating and experiencing in life.

What a person owns he can manage, expand upon or cease to create.
What he creates he can discreate.
Responsibility is the doorway to freedom.

Avatar delivers what others promise

Avatar is the "How To" Manual of the many inspirational books and courses available today.

Why take Avatar?

Avatar helps people turn potential into experience, dreams into reality.

Avatar is about balancing accomplishments in the physical, material world with a true sense of fulfilment and inner well being.

Course Description

Section I
An exploration into the creation process, where you learn how to have more control over your attention, your creative power.
You explore and discover which beliefs are influencing your life and learn skills to increase or reduce their effect.

Section II
A breakthrough in the creation of human ability where you will deliberately create and experience preferred realities and have the technology to create any preferred experience.

Section III
An enlightenment course where you learn and apply a simple, empowering process by which you can discreate any non-preferred realities. This technique opens the way to permanently dissolving limitation conditions and conflicts.

Section I is offered as a 1-day workshop.
Complete course takes 7 to 9 days.

In 1986 Harry Palmer, the founder of Avatar, delivered Avatar to a group of volunteers for the first time. They were deeply impressed by the fast and powerful influence these techniques had on their lives. Since that day, more than 80,000 people in 66 countries have taken the Avatar course.

Join the growing number of people who have found happiness through this simple yet effective technique.

“Don't let who you are get in the way of who you might become.” Harry Palmer

I have studied many western and Oriental philosophies. A long search led me inevitably to Avatar, and the world's most advanced, powerful and effective personal development course. Take the Avatar course yourself and experience that life is here to be enjoyed, not to be endured!

Stop searching and start exploring. Live your life deliberately!

For more information, pricing details, course dates or to receive "The Avatar Journal", please contact:

Holistic Health (Bermuda)
1 441 505 7531
E-mail: Avatar@HolisticBermuda.com

Monica Dobbie
Avatar Master and Wizard

Delivering courses regularly in Bermuda and Worldwide

All Avatar Masters are trained and licensed by Star's Edge International, ensuring a high level of integrity and quality.

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